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The 21 card game or the blackjack whatever you say it is the most played casino game in the history of the casinos. Because of the exciting feelings offered by this game, the people dear to take part on this game. This game is one kind of card game. In the 17th century these game was first played in French. After the revolution of 18th century the French are swept away from their country to America. Then the French gamblers brought it to America. After that in whole America the blackjack becomes the most played card game. On the first half of the 20th century some restriction was applied in this game, but it could not stop the game. When the restriction was over then the game was started again with higher familiarity.

If you want to play the blackjack online you have to learn the rules as well as the gaming procedure of the game. This game has some simple rules which are very much easy to understand and the new comers can learn the blackjack as well as the gaming strategies in a single hour. 52 cards of a deck is used to play this game and you have get 21 points or close to it to win this game. The value of the 10s and the face cards is 10 and the cards 2 to 9 have their own face value as well as the aces have the value of 1 or 11 on the basis of the situation. If you get the point over 21 during blackjack then you will lose and it is known as the BUST.

You can get another card if you get a hand of 2 cards playing blackjack and the point far away from 21 and can acquire more cards until you have the blackjack or 21 or BUST. If you have a hand point over 10 and then acquire an ace then the point of the ace will be 1 but if your score is equal or less to 10 and get an ace then the ace value will be 11. That’s why if you get the point 21 or close to it and the dealers point is less then you then you will win the game. But if the dealers get more point than you without busting then the dealer will win. It is the cause why the playing of blackjack for money is so much exciting.