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Learn about the Keno and It’s Playing Rules

This is a popular game and if you read the history of the game then you will find a real long history of the game for over a millennium. This game was first played in China in the 5th or 6th century and later this game was transported to the United State in the 17th century by the Chinese immigrants. This is a lottery type game and this game has many similarities with the game bingo. Keno is played with the board named with keno board and a player can choose around 15 numbers in every round and if the chosen number come out then the player will win otherwise lose.

To start the game, you have to choose the numbers first, you can choose with your own or you can also use the random service to choose the numbers. For every number choosing, you have to place your bet and the amount can be anywhere between $1 to $5 and this amount varies with different casinos so if you choose 15 numbers then you have to place 15 different bets. When the hit comes out you can match the winning numbers with your numbers and if any number match then you will the game and you will only get the keno jackpot if all 15 numbers match with the winning numbers.

Keno is the game where luck and chances are everything and you can not use any strategy to increase your winning odds. You can use some strategy to increase your winning amount and decrease your losing amount but those strategies are not safe for every time so it will be better for you if you do not panic and the outcome of the game, while playing you has to enjoy the game.