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Video poker

Learn about the Video Poker and It’s Playing Rules

If you ever play slots then you are the perfect person to play video poker because video poker is similar with the slots and in video poker you have to match 5 cards that is similar with the match of symbols of slots. In sots you can not use any skill or strategy to change the outcome of the game but in video poker, you can use skills and strategies to change the outcome of the game and you can win in the game if you use your experience about the game.

Many types of video poker can be found but the rules of each version are same with each other. Every time, players will get 5 cards and they have to change their cards to make the most valuable hand to win the game. You have to get those type of hands below to win in the game:

1. Royal Flush
2. Straight Flush
3. Flush
4. Full House
5. Straight
6. Four of a Kind
7. Three of a Kind
8. Two Pair
9. One Pair

There are some tips to secure your winning in the game and you have to follow each of those tips to gain the highest success in the game.

1. You have to keep all the jacks in your hand because they can make the best hand and they are more valuable than the aces.
2. If you have pairs then you must keep that even if you have higher valued cards in hand because pairs can increase your winning chance and it will also increase the chances to get 3 similar kind cards.
3. If you have a card that can make the winnings of the game then you must keep the card and you can only change the card if you have the chance to get the royal flush.