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Learn about Craps and Its Rules

Craps is one of the most popular games in every casino. People love to play this game because of its easy rules and playing procedures. You can not use any strategy to increase your winning odds but there are some strategy that can ensure low losing amount and high winning amount. Though, the outcome of this game based only on the luck and chances so a new player has the same odds to an experienced player, so anyone can play the game if the player wants to.

The game starts with the shooter who shots the dices on the craps table, and the shooter keeps shooting unless he or she misses the come out if the number 2, 3 or the 12 come out then the existing round will end and the next round will start with a new shooter. Players can bet different number between 2 to 12 and if the betting number come out then the bettor will win the round. There are many types of bets in craps and some of these bets have high odds with lower payouts but some have highest payouts with lower odds. So the player must choose the most profitable bet to win in the game with lower losing odds. Some of the most popular bets of craps are listed below:

Pass Line Bets

In the come out shooting in the dices score 7 or 11 then that is known as pass line bets.

Don’t Pass Line

If the outcome of the dices is 2 or 3 then that is the don’t pass line.

Come Bets

When the shooter scores 7 or 11 after the come out then that is the come bet.

Don’t Come

If the shooter scores 2 or 3 after the come out then that is don’t come bet.

Single Roll Bets

By this bet any player can bet on any number and if the number comes out then the player will win.